Application Services


ASHCONN (AL SULAIMAN HEALTH) as an organization, aims at delivering high quality public health solutions in the middle east, in collaboration with leading healthcare providers. With our partner, Vedant Health, who has been providing quality assurance solutions for organizations around the world – through a diverse and close-knit team, with deep and extensive experience in the testing technology in the healthcare domain – We are delighted to present quality assurance for clinical equipment, and testing services for Cerner through TestStream.

The Drawbacks of Traditional Automation

Time Consuming scripts

Every screening/ module script must be written by automation engineers.

Manual scripting

Scripting is completely manual, for each new module, a new set of scripts needs to be created.


Even a small change in the UI results in failure of the corresponding script.

Prone to Errors

Missing out on any minute field/ section results in patient safety issues.


TestStream provides comprehensive testing for clinical systems, and is essential towards patient safety and quality care. It eliminates slow, expensive and inaccurate manual testing. With TestStream:

Improve Organization

Identifying issues with the Health IT application build, automated testing tool processes lengthy tables in a short amount of time, and produces fault reports.

Provide Regression at Every Release

Automated testing becomes a part of your regression test plan. For example, testing after a planned downtime and/or installation of code fixes & packages.

Improve RCM

Quickly & efficiently test large master files/tables, such as Charge Description Master (CDM) & Item Master - improving your bottom line.

Reduce Cost

The cost of testing costly Cerner or EPIC upgrades can be reduced – automated testing enables organizations to do more testing with less man-power and resources.

Validate Blood Bank Info

Conduct third-party validation testing that might be required by local & international Blood Bank governing bodies such as ministries of health, CBAHI and AABB.

Reduce Errors

Reduce errors through guaranteed module validations keeping patient safety as top priority. Our tools involve minimal system build errors to ensure the module works as intended.



TestStream is intelligent – automatically understanding and adapting to any given system environment, without any need for additional scripting or programming. There’s no need to make changes whenever the system vendor makes updates, saving precious IT staff hours.


Complete more testing in a fraction of the time, powered by automation. Dramatically reduce the resources required for testing.


Ensure the systems are working as intended, by eliminating manual testing. Quickly and accurately identify and remedy problems as soon as they arise.


Vast amount of testing coverage, comprehensive analysis and results, and risk assessment with every test cycle. Prioritize and address costly and potentially dangerous system errors. Run more frequent and in-depth testing with TestStream.


Do more than just testing. Identify build and maintenance issues, validate core processes, find the root of problems, get thorough documentation of every test, and full proof of testing for regulatory review.