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Program ManagemENT

Our experienced and committed professionals come with a strong understanding of the healthcare domain and project management capabilities. They combine real-world experience, cultural awareness, business, and clinical insights to form the right team, manage the stakeholders and deliver the healthcare projects. And that is why the healthcare providers and public health entities choose ASHCONN for the end-to-end Program Management of their critical healthcare initiatives.
Our expertise in providing high-impact consultancy by enabling operational transformation, digital transformation, and enhanced user experience enables healthcare organizations to deliver individualized and efficient care.

Digital Health

The last decade saw considerable spending on digital transformation initiatives and most of the discussion revolved around Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud (SMAC). Investing in these technologies enabled the first movers in the following ways:

Today going digital is not the only differentiator. The gap and interconnectivity between digital and non-digital engagements are seamless. The year of COVID 19 further added to the urgency by bringing complexities like the need for remote connectivity, last-mile internet, and security. Healthcare is in critical need to adopt SMAC and look beyond that to secure the future by seriously considering technologies like Distributed Ledgers, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Quantum Computing.

Today, we are not far from a scenario where providers could use a person’s digital identity to deliver care in context even beyond traditional location-dependent care settings. When shopping, an app could tell a person with chronic lung disease (i.e COPD) that it’s time to sit down and take a break. The R&D team at ASHCONN is currently working on projects like Vital Assessment-based phone camera, auto-suggestion of healthy diets, and Predictive Analysis of health issues using deep learning. The team at ASHCONN is in an ideal position with its network of product partners to strategize and implement digital transformation initiatives in the healthcare sector.

Medical Record







Standards, Interoperability & Integrations

Healthcare has its complex structures with various stakeholders, applications, infrastructure, security protocols, and data structures. We have reached here organically for decades.
ASHCONN has the global exposure and service partnerships in place to bring the expertise required to implement applications locally while adhering to the national standards and enabling interoperability and data reuse across applications. ASHCONN provides the consulting and integration services to deliver the end-to-end project.

Health Information Exchange
on Blockchain

Electronic health information exchange (HIE) allows doctors, nurses, pharmacists, other health care providers and patients to appropriately access and securely share a patient’s vital medical information electronically, improving the speed, quality, safety, and cost of patient care.
The real-time exchange of important patient health information between the healthcare providers enables creating a centralized database of unified patient records, that will improve healthcare quality and patient outcomes.
ASHCONN is in a unique position to capitalize its global network of Healthcare Product partners, implementation experience in the region, and expertise in enabling data interoperability to propose, strategize and implement Health Information Exchange initiatives in the region. ASHCONN and its partners deliver the HIE solution on the unique blockchain platform designed for the healthcare industry.

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Scalable Data Sharing

Ai &

BurstiQ Platform

A flexible, high performance blockchain network purpose - built for securely managing health and identity data.

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