ASHCONN engages with Vedant Health for Healthcare Application Testing Services.

ASHCONN (Al Sulaiman Health) has entered an exclusive partnership with Vedant Health based in Boulder, Colorado to bring Intelligent Testing services for various healthcare systems to the region. With this engagement, TestStream – Vedant Health’s flagship product can be used by various clients running healthcare applications like Cerner, Epic, Sunquest and SCC Software in the region.

There is a growing acknowledgment that optimal healthcare cannot be delivered just by ensuring the co-existence of infrastructure, medical supplies, and healthcare providers. Improvement in healthcare delivery needs comprehensive attention and focus on the quality of health services being provided. ASHCONN is continually endeavoring towards the improvement of healthcare delivery with primary focus to ensure patients receive top-quality healthcare services, thereby facilitating a safe and trouble-free experience for both the patient and healthcare provider.

“Patient safety is not an intellectual exercise – it is a matter of life and death” says Dr. Manoj Menon, CEO of ASHCONN. Human lives are at stake because of which Quality assumes supreme importance. With the rapid digitization of the Healthcare industry, quality can only be achieved through rigorous healthcare systems testing. Dr. Menon emphasizes on the need to provide safe and reliable patient centric healthcare services that is perfectly complemented by the values and ideologies practiced by Vedant Health.

Speaking on the partnership, Mr. Raymond Bell – CEO of Vedant Health says, “Our partnership with Al Sulaiman Health (ASHCONN), an organization with the same mission and goals, will allow us to jointly provide this one-of-a-kind validation system to more healthcare systems.” For over three decades Vedant Health have been at the heart of intelligent automated testing. “Putting patient safety into the forefront, and into our mission, we have utilized our flagship product TestStream to help both large and small hospitals alike around the globe” Mr. Bell added.

Mr. Manikandan – Director of Technology and Projects at ASHCONN noted “We are very excited about the opportunity of bringing TestStream to the Middle Eastern region to support the installations here. We look forward for an engaging experience along with other stakeholders in this journey towards patient safety”.

The Challenge: Automation Testing Mechanism of Clinical Systems.

The healthcare industry is sensitive to the quality of the product. For many of the entities using a complex healthcare information system, minimizing system related errors is a crucial subject and the objective is to ensure that the application is reliable and safe to use. That is why the cost of mistakes in healthcare applications is quite high. Speed and quality are the vital fundamentals for serving the healthcare sector effectively. Thus, healthcare products need to deliver accuracy and precision which is only possible through robust testing and quality assurance.

The Solution: TestStream – An Intelligent Technology with Robust Capabilities

TestStream is not a test tool. “For over three decades we have been at the heart of intelligent automated testing, and this experience has led us to provide true reliable automation for healthcare systems.” says Mr. Raymond Bell. TestStream is an intelligent technology that automatically understands and adapts to the environment upon installation. The moment TestStream is installed at a new facility it starts learning how that facility uses the healthcare system. Once attained, this knowledge is then used to design test cases, which can then immediately test thousands of elements in the system, in areas such as Pharmacy, Radiology, General Laboratory, Blood Bank, and so much more. By identifying build and maintenance issues, validating processes, finding the root causes of problems and more- TestStream helps ensure that all pieces in your healthcare system are connected, running smoothly and working at their best capacities. Thus, providing patients the safest and best care.

With this partnership, ASHCONN aims to expand its services in the region by providing Intelligent Testing Services to Clients using Cerner, Epic and other healthcare systems through its partners Spotcheck in the Middle East and the Subcontinent.

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